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List of creatures[]

The following is a list of creatures in the game GearStorm.

Apollyfawn (Deer) - Apollyon's most abundant herbivore.  It is a common food source for most carnivores and omnivores.

Rhinolope -  A more aggressive and capable herbivore.   Typically not combative unless threatened.

Scorpax - An athropod like creature that is highly aggressive and territorial.  A good source of protein.

Raptrax - A highly armored raptor-like predator.  They travel in packs and are aggressive when hungry.

Tyrax - Apollyon's alpha predator.  A Tyrannosaurs like creature that is heavily armored and lethal.

Sandwyrm - Another massive predator that lives under the sands in the desert.  This creature can also spray a mist of acid to incapacitate its prey.


Phage - There are several stages of infected humans known as the phage.