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The Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) is circa 2350 after the political powers on Earth consolidated into a one world government. The EDI launched several colonization attempts to Apollyon and created large military settlements there. Some of these colonies still remain but overall the EDI has splintered into local tribes and large sections of these settlements are in ruins.

The remanents of the militaristic and industrial culture of the EDI lives on in these societies, no matter how degenerate. EDI is the only organization with a primarily military objective and culture. They've formed a warlike brociety and the tribes' cultures range from Brotherhood of Steel to Immotan' Joe's War Boys.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2226 AD, the last remaining military forces on Earth band together to form the Earth Defense Initiative (EDI). Acting as the world’s government, the Commanders Council of the EDI enacts the New Horizon initiative. A global nuclear purge of the phage.

By 2228 AD, the EDI’s surface forces are able to drive the devastated phage into scattered pockets around the Earth. Additional technological advances finally yield an immunity to the phage as well. The EDI announces that the war is finally over.

Five years later, the EDI declares global peace has been obtained. To mark the first time that all people stand united under the same banner, the Commanders Council sets its sights on claiming the prize which nearly caused our extinction. Massive colonization programs for Apollyon start up the very next year.

Over the next decade, the EDI launches several large-scale military colonization fleets to Apollyon. However, the programs don’t run much beyond that. Environmental rehabilitation costs for Earth and rising social issues plague the EDI and its resources are redirected towards the ground instead of the stars.

By 2336 AD the Earth Defense Initiative government collapses.

Around 3230 AD the first EDI colonization fleet arrives at Apollyon. The colony of Northpoint is established and forms the capital of the EDI government on Apollyon. More colonization fleets arrive in following years and colonies such as Wake Station, and Satellite Station (later renamed to ImmortalTown) are created.

For nearly 100 years, the EDI flourishes on Apollyon. The human population of the planet reaches several million by 3330 AD.

It all comes to an end when the Phage re-emerges. Carried latently by the immune EDI population, a strain of the phage merges with a local Apollyon virus. This new strain erupts violently and the phage war suddenly reignites after it’s thousand-year lull.

The EDI capital, Northpoint colony, is swept under by the phage assault in 3332 AD and by the next year, the EDI government ruling Apollyon collapses.

The war from there is messy. The EDI remnants dig in and the Phage are not so numerous as they were on Earth. But the Phage starts infecting some species of animals and gains larger forces that way. The remnant’s biotechnicians reestablish human herd-immunity in some locations, but not others due to the fracturing. The Phage mutates again and the cycle continues.

In 3413 AD, the first Martian Science Foundation (MSF) probe arrives on Apollyon. Its burgeoning colony discovers the low-grade war of scrappy city-states struggling to live while also keeping an ever-pressing phage menace at bay.

Some of the EDI colonies still remain but overall the EDI has splintered into local tribes and large sections of these settlements are in ruin. Some tribes, like the ImmortalTown have become brutish and savage. Likely a product of the hostile environment. Others like Wake Station have managed to retain a semblance of organization and civility.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Intrestellar Travel: Antimatter-reaction driven ships. Basically a step above the ICA's nuclear-powered ship. Much faster, but still slow by interstellar travel times.

EDI's original tech was nanotech-based but was originally far inferior to MSFs tech.

Memories for EDI and ICA tech are cybernetic implants. Clones more or less have a real-time encyclopedia of who their progenitor was but don't recall it as if they experienced it. The implant runs muscle-memory simulations in the last stages of clone production so the clone will be battle ready.

Everyone uses MSF tech nowadays though when it comes to making humans.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

  • [[Go! Save Northpoint!] - a short story about the fall of Northpoint to the Phage.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Wake Station - One of the few remaining EDI settlements. It's a walled city built around an original colony facility with a mix of military and commercial habitats. Facilities have fallen into disrepair. Parks have been repurposed for agricultural areas. The is an open air market as well as abandoned military and industrial areas.
  • Northpoint Ruins - Northpoint is a fallen EDI settlement. Fairly large but spread out. It's overrun with wildlife and zombies. Highlights include an abandoned spaceport, industrial districts and military housing.
  • Immortaltown - A remainin EDI MadMax style barbarian citadel built into the side and top of the mountain. Massive doors lead to a motorpool inside the mountain. The top is used for agriculture and command facilities. Small satellite facilities surround Immortaltown.