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GearStorm is an upcoming game currently in development by Iron City Games.


GEARSTORM is a militarized science fiction sandbox in which players cooperate and compete to colonize and fortify their positions on a hostile alien planet. GearStorm takes place on an huge, open, procedural, and entirely destructible world. Here players can advance and customize their technology to improve their chances against each other and the Phage – a deadly nano-virus that is decimating human population.


  • Advanced combat: GearStorm will follow more of the military shooter, simulation game with full prone, crouch and tactically useful concealment from grass and brush. You can hide, you can sneak, you can snipe people from almost a kilometer away
  • Advanced weapons: GearStorm will have a massive selection of advanced, futuristic weapons. Lasers, flamethrowers, electromagnetic slug-throwers and smart rockets are just a few of the weapons that have been put into the game.
  • Gear: GearStorm will focus on gear the player can have and how that effects the player’s characteristics. Gadgets and improvements for armor will be very diverse and numerous.
  • Zombies: GearStorms story includes a full zombie apocalypse setting, being true to that story, we have incorporated a large-scale zombie AI, allowing hundreds of zombies to be engaged at once, epic battles of zombies verses flamethrowers, lasers, miniguns, explosives and vehicles will be possible!
  • Combined arms: GearStorm will include a rich population of vehicles including land, sea and air vehicles.
  • Open, fully-destructible worlds with destructible terrain, rocks and vegetation. When you make a hole in GearStorm, it will persist. You can did a base into the ground or a mountainside. You can mine for materials, make labyrinths, or dig trenches and tunnels for combat.
  • Building: You can build almost anything in GearStorm using our extensive library of building materials, bridges, walls, battlements, windows, doors, garages to keep your vehicles. You can build lights, doors and windows that open based on switching commands and a wireless control scheme. Build bases you can fight from, towers to snipe from and garages to horde your vehicles and gear. Bases will be attacked for some reasons, but will have limited destructibility so you can’t just lose the base you have been building for days from one attack.
  • Quests: Gearstorm will have a rich quest system with bounties that can be put on players, types of creatures and items by anybody.
  • Traders: GearStorm has a trader system with NPC traders that can sell you things or place bounties on other players, items or creatures.
  • Gamemaster-admins: GearStorm will have a gamemaster-admin role for each server that allows the players the server owner designates to teleport, spawn items or vehicles, teleport players to them, god mode and fly. This will let server admins control the experience on their server, help players, create events and create missions. GearStorm will also allow the gamemaster-admin to kick or ban players from their server, set weapon damage and range for their server, or change what vehicles are available and their speed, range and weapons. This role will let a non-technical server admin create a unique experience for players on their server.
  • Missions: GearStorm will have a mission system that allows the servers gamemaster-admins to create their own missions and spawn vehicles, gear, creatures or enemy combatants based on timing, location and player proximity. This will allow the gamemaster-admins to create a unique set of missions for the players on their servers or just their friends. GearStorm will also come with built-in missions that the gamemaster admin can delete or modify.
  • Automation: GearStorm has a full wireless automation system with sensors, switches and machines you can active or deactivate on a switch or sensor. Open/close doors, turn lights on and off, activate elevators, much more to come!
  • Unreal: GearStorm is built on the Unreal 4 engine. Capitalizing on the very latest version of the most fully featured, stable, highest performance, and best physics engines in the world


In the year, 2185, the human race is in its final death throes. Earth itself is a desolate waste, ravaged by decades of war. War, more malignant, more savage than any conceived of before. War fueled by diverging ideologies, waning resources, and drastic technology advances of the 21st century. For years, humanity bathed itself in blood, fire and death.The final death knell came in the form of the Phage. A virulent genetically-engineered biological weapon that weaponized the infected into rageful bio-mechanical horrors that spread the plague and death. The unstoppable Phage spread like wildfire through man and beast alike. With no way to undo what was done, the remnants of humankind retreated into bunkers, or walled cities, and fortresses. But even these, one by one fell to the Phage.

With Earth all but lost, a glimmer of hope was discovered. Automated Kepler systems that had been in operation for nearly a century discovered an extremely unlikely, human habitable extraterrestrial world. These probes reported amazing findings dozens of light-years away on a planet dubbed as Apollyon. Apollyon was a small earth-like planet with isolated continents in a large ocean. These islands showed signs of ecosystems, flora and fauna.

The mad rush to escape this hellish Earth, lead to tragic mishap and loss. Previous attempts to send manned generation ships to Apollyon failed either due to infighting or mechanical failure. In a final act of desperation, small, unmanned probes, fitted with advanced bio-printers were launched to seed Apollyon to save the species. These probes were encoded with the DNA and mental recordings of the finest of our remnants and cast off towards the planet.

You are one of these ghosts, a fabricant sent to an alien world to renew humanity. You carry the hopes and legacy of us all. Remember us.


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